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Want to shop something but couldn’t go anywhere? If yes then this post is all what you are looking for. Because we are going to provide you all the necessary details that will help you to buy from the top online fashion stores to the rest of online platforms.

But firstly, we need to make ourselves clear that why it is important to look forward for the online ways of shopping other than to visit a market physically and buy required things.

Online shopping; the need of time:

We are living in the age of technology. Everything is being computerized. Hence, it is obligatory to move from our routine by introducing smart technologies in our life. Restrictions are also there in our free movement due to Corona virus. Doctors advise to stay home, avoid gatherings and maintain social distancing. This scenario demands to manage our task from our own place to maximum extent.

Fashion gives color to life. It becomes integral to maintain colors in our lives specially in this pandemic crisis. Online stores provide this facility to decorate this varied colorless situation. The online fashion stores are such examples that provide you not only the apparels but also fulfill you demands to stay in touch with the fashion trends.

In Ecommerce:

Online apparel market is becoming a tycoon in ecommerce.  In America, 20% of the total trade of ecommerce sales depends upon apparel and accessories hence making it as the largest single product category in the ecommerce industry. Even sales are projected to $170 billion by the year 2022. It is evident that the industry is going to flourish on its peak in near future.

It has become highly competitive field in ecommerce because of its increasing demands. You have to give your best if you want to dive into this ocean.

Top Online Fashion Stores:

The ecommerce fashion sites are vying the customers attention with their different techniques that also rate them. The top rated and the most trusted online fashion houses are as follows:


Nike, the world’s principal seller of athletic shoes and attire is an American international corporation. It is promised in the design, development, manufacturing, and global marketing and sales of footwear/shoes, apparel, apparatus and accessories and  also their online services. The company has generated a revenue of US$37.4 billion only in its fiscal year 2020. In 2020 Nike alone was valued in excess of $32 billion hence, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses. Nike has its stores all over the world and also available online.


The multi-label e-commerce site ASOS is British online clothing and cosmetic retailer. It is a great place to start if you’re looking to try out the latest trends in catchy prices. In addition to its home assortment, the popular online platform is stocked with household name brands like Free People, Levi’s, and Dr. Martens, to name a few. The website retails over 850 brands along with its own range of clothing and accessories, and then they ship to all 196 countries from America and Europe. It is truly all in one shop for accessories, beauty, and clothing. 


Macy’s is an American fashion seller and departmental store chain. It generates annual revenue of $5.6 billion with an average traffic of 102.55 million per month. Presently, there are nearly 775 physical Macy’s stores with their worldwide shipping options.

Source Unknown:

Source Unknown is among one of the online clothing stores that you stagger upon on Instagram while purposelessly scrolling. But then you’ll find yourself going back to it again and again. Its up-to-the-minute pieces let you to dip your toes into the most prevalent trends without fully committing to the cumbersome price tag that often comes with their attires. They provide their services both online and offline very effectively in accordance with customer demands.


Gymshark is a UK-based fitness apparel and accessories brand with a huge internet following. Engrossed on performance and functionality, the luminary-approved label has a hodge-podge of leggings and sports bras that accommodate diverse levels of support. Gymshark also offers basic training accessories for workout like the resistance bands and the body rollers that all are known with the brand’s instantly recognizable shark-like logo. They have set their land mark via their products that are available both online and offline.


Zalando is a German ecommerce fashion retail store that remains on the forefront of the international online fashion marketing industry. It has generated recently an annual revenue of 9.1 billion dollars. Additionally, Zalando also had the uppermost website traffic with 76.9 million average visits in a month across online fashion retailers.


NEXT is a British  cosmopolitan clothing, footwear and household fashion products  retailer with around 700 stores across 35 countries, most of which are in the UK, as well as online provisions and websites that scope over 70 countries. It has generated an annual revenue of 5.4 billion dollars recently. The official websites offer an assortment of clothing separately for men, women, as well as kids. 


Nordstrom is a luxury departmental store chain that originated from America with its stores available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, along with its online retail store accessible in 200 different countries. Their recent revenue was greater than 3.5 billion dollars. Nordstrom is popular for retailing the extravagance items with their special offers and discounts. They retail their own label along with almost 2000 other brands.


Matalan, a British retailer for fashion and homeware both. It operates both online and offline. Their stores are mainly present in the United Kingdom but they are also present around the middle east along with their online store that only delivers within the UK. Matalan has generated a revenue $1.4 billion recently.

River Island:

River Island is mainly a London-based online and offline fashion retailer that also includes a durable controlled fashion brand line. In the year 2018, the River Island year’s annual revenue was 1.1 billion dollars. The company is known for selling affordable fashion apparels.

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