Top 10 Brain Damaging Habits that You Should Avoid

Human brain is a fundamental organ of our body that controls the functioning whole body. Hence mental health requires a great care but our routine attitudes are resulting mental illness. In this article, we are listing the top 10 brain damaging habits that you should avoid in order to keep you brain hale and hearty.

Top 10 Brain Damaging Habits that You Should Avoid:

These are the top10 brain damaging habits that you should avoid to possess healthy brain:

1) Stress and Anxiety:

When depression intensifies and lasts a long time, the risk of mental health problems and medical problems increases. Chronic stress upsurges the risk of mental health complications such as anxiety and depression, substance manipulation problems, sleep difficulties, pain and corporeal moans such as muscle stiffness. Thus, if you avoid stress and don’t burden your brain especially in terms of emotional disturbance, it can perform well.

2) Over-thinking:

Overthinking isn’t in itself a clinical term, but research shows the addiction can have real impacts on our properly-being. In many instances, overthinking includes focusing on the poor rehashing the past, dwelling on awful reviews or demanding about the destiny. Overthinking is likewise regularly related to intellectual health issues like despair, tension, post-traumatic pressure and borderline character disorder. Just pay heed on things as required.

3) Over-reacting:

When a person’s reaction to an unimportant event exceeds and exceeds the actual value of the event, they overreact. For example, when you scream and yell at the waiter just because your hamburger had chicks and you wanted it without it. In addition to the human tendency, overreacting is the result of evolution. No social norm, understanding, standard of conduct, or concern for others can stop the excess. Exaggeration can be common in one community compared to another, due to social acceptance and promotion.

4) Internal Environment:

Here, the term internal environment refers to the environment of human body and soul. A healthy body grows a healthy mind. So, if your body is healthy, your mind will also be healthy simultaneously. In addition to the physical health, mental health is also important. If you are not relaxed, your brain cannot function calmly. Thus, it’s important to take yourself out of stress and don’t panic.

5) External Environment:

Society in which you live is your external environment. If the people are friendly and you are comfortable with your interactions, your mind is also calm but if you are in a society that does not matches your nature, you should better move some other place. Similarly, hygiene is also important. Try to keep your surroundings clean and wear masks in outdoors to save yourself from air pollutants.

6) Sleep Deprivation:

A good sleep cycle is a guarantee of good mental health because the brain gets enough time to rest and take a break from a busy schedule. Lack of sleep can be the cause of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. It is best to take a regular nap. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and electronics in the evening, and start a relaxing sleep routine.

7) Bad Eating Habits:

Your eating habits directly effects your brain. There are some common Bad eating habits that you should avoid:

No Breakfast

Skipping your first meal of the day can lead to feelings of tiredness, irritability, and laziness because the brain does not have enough glucose to make. When your body is not active, your brain cannot function properly. Hence, you should not skip you breakfast.

Over Eating:

Overeating often leads to weight gain, and before you know it, you’re on the verge of obesity. Obesity causes inflammation that can lead to brain damage, elevated blood sugar levels, and insulin resistance. In short, poor mental functioning.

No Hydration:

There’s a reason why you can’t focus on activities when you feel thirsty. Eighty percent of the brain is made up of water, which is why it is important to always have water and fruit before you start your day.

Unbalanced Diet:

A diet must be balanced too. High glucose in the diet reduces the production of the neurotrophic factor found in the brain, a chemical that requires the brain to build new memories and learn new things. So when your diet is high in sugar, you limit your brain’s ability to read and build memories. This is probably the part where you see why you have a temporary memory recently.

8) No exercise:

The longer you go without exercise, the more likely you are to get dementia. You may also have diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure – all of which can be linked to Alzheimer’s. You don’t need to start using marathons – half an hour in the garden or walking around the work area. The important thing is to do it at least three days a week.

9) Excessive Use of Headphones:

With your earbuds at complete quantity, you can permanently damage your hearing in just 30 minutes. However it’s not simply your ears: hearing loss in older adults is connected to brain problems, along with Alzheimer’s and loss of brain tissue. This is feasible because your mind has to work difficult to apprehend what’s being stated around you that cannot hold what you have got heard in mind. So, throw it down – no more than 60% of your device’s volume – and try not to listen for more than a few hours at a time.

10) Lack of Socialization:

Man is a social animal. Therefore, it is important that one stays in the community. When a person does not normally talk, the brain is closed and restricted to its growth or use of its power. Similarly, whenever a person is exposed to a variety of people, his or her learning ability is at an all-time high.

These are mere behaviors that do not result into a good impact as far as mental health is concerned. Obviously, there are many diseases that results in deterioration or distortions in the structure, function or performance of brain. So, merely by avoiding the above listed unhealthy habits, you are bless you brain to perform at its best.

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