Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Homes

Tons of food is wasted on daily basis despite of the food shortage in many areas. It becomes very necessary to reduce the food waste. In your household, you should adopt the following tips to reduce food waste at homes:

  1. Prepare meal plans on weekly basis and follow them.
  2. Buy only what desired and not go for unnecessary eatables.
  3. Don’t stock food in excess amounts.
  4. Try to cook according to the needs and don’t increase the quantity more than desired.
  5. Distribute the leftover food in neighboring or give it to the needy.
  6. Try to utilize food more and more and repurpose it if possible. i.e.: make breadcrumbs from leftover bread.
  7. Calculated meals can greatly reduce food wastage.

That’s how you can play your part in reducing food waste.

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