Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Are you worried that how to avoid holiday weight gain? During the holiday season, the average American adds five pounds. These ten pieces of advice from health and lifestyle experts will help you avoid Christmas weight gain while also allowing you to enjoy the season more.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

You can avoid holiday weight gain with help of these tips:

Stay Hydrated:

Keep in mind that what you drink is important. While sugary beverages like soda and fruit punch count toward your daily water objectives, they still add calories from added sugar to your day, which can quickly deplete your Personal Points budget. Instead, London recommends combining alcohol with sparkling water and a squeeze of citrus fruit, such as lime or grapefruit, for added taste. “A fruit-filled garnish of any kind, in my opinion, makes everything more festive!” she explains.

Eat Green:

Filling half your plate with vegetables is a pretty straightforward strategy to avoid additional pounds, whether you’re serving yourself Thanksgiving dinner or preparing a quick lunch. “Adding extra vegetables to your meal, regardless of what else you’re eating, naturally adds more bulk to your meal from nutrient-dense, fiber-filled foods that will help you feel more satiated overall,” London explains. So go ahead and make some stuffing with gravy, then serve it with salad and green beans. Sandwiches work on the same principle: If you prefer meat and cheese, go ahead and eat it; just add some grilled or raw vegetables on top.

Follow you diet plan:

The holiday season may be stressful, what with chasing down gift deliveries and scheduling Zoom sessions with grandparents who are three time zones away. When significant portions of your schedule are thrown off, it’s all too easy to forget to eat a balanced dinner. According to registered dietitian Jaclyn London, MS, CDN, you may be starving by the time you realize you’ve skipped lunch, making you more inclined to overeat in the hours that follow. Even if the rest of your day is a whirlwind of festivities, try to stick to your regular meal and snack schedule. Also, don’t go too long without eating or drinking.

Smart Snacking:

Snacks may be smaller than meals, but they can still have a big impact on how satisfied you are with your total diet, according to London. So don’t be content with bland nibbles! The more delicious your snacks are, the less likely you are to keep hunting for snacks. Spiced frozen grapes, herbed veggie chips, and gingery edamame are all delightful, uncomplicated options. To keep it full, London recommends combining fiber and protein in a variety of ways. A crunchy apple with sharp cheese, a banana covered in peanut butter, or carrot pieces dipped in creamy hummus are all quick ideas.

Keep Burning Calories:

Exercise is especially important during this period of heavier eating. Plan activities with family and friends, such as walks, treks, bicycle rides, and dances, in addition to your usual fitness routine. The extra calorie burning can help you lose weight while also allowing you to spend quality time with your partner.

Avoid Tasting while Cooking:

If you plan on doing a lot of cooking over the holidays, eliminate all of those flavors. People lose their appetites when they’ve been cooking for a long time because they’ve been eating. Limit yourself to two little bits of each item pre- and post-seasoning, rather than tasting aimless every few minutes. Dare yourself not to taste the food until it is served for tried-and-true recipes.

Sleep Well:

Maintaining good sleep is very important. You neglect your sleep-wake cycle during the hectic busy routine. But during holidays, you have sufficient time to complete your sleep and have some rest. Hence, utilize your time and have some rest and complete your sleep.

Sweet in Small Portions:

When it comes to dessert, choose wisely. Limit your indulgences to tiny amounts and only what you find extremely delightful. Why not try a variety of sweets, even if you only take a small piece of each one? You must be aware of yourself. Some people can only consume a single bite of anything before giving up. Most people, I don’t believe, are capable of doing so. If you know you can’t stop at just one mouthful, it’s wiser to get a small piece of a single dessert rather than filling your plate with a variety of goodies.

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