Ten Tips for Proper Hair Combing

Are you weary of hair loss? Does your hairstyle hinder your beauty? If yes then read these ten tips for proper hair combing with full concern.

You know the most easily breakable part of our body is our hair. They are so balmy and soft that they can easily break. The strokes and jerks you give to your hair while combing cause hair breakage. All of us consider combing is a usual activity, that we do every day. But it is not as usual as we consider it. It directly influences the scalp and hair growth.

By following these ten tips for proper hair combing you would be able to make your hair look shinier and healthier than ever before.

Ten Tips for Proper Hair:

Top to bottom combing:

Head produces a special kind of oil. These oils come outside from the head through hair follicles. They are beneficial for healthy hair growth.

These oils spread from top to bottom of the hair if one has the fun of proper hair combing. So you should comb gently from top to bottom of your hair.

Middle hair combing is preferable:

Don’t use a comb directly from the roots of your hair. Hair follicles disturb by direct combing to hair roots hence hair growth stops. Combing from roots causes hair breakage, split hair, and broken ends.

Start combing at the middle of the hair and gently bring it down. Make the habit of parts combing to entangle hair. Middle combing saves hair from more damage.

Apply oil or spray:

It’s very hard to comb while hair gets tangled and twisted. Tangles and twists provide blockage in the path of the comb. These twists and tangles can be removed by applying some oil or spray.

You can do a little massage to your hair before combing. The use of oil will make you sleeky, it also allows the comb to move freely throughout the hair.

Spray Oil on Hairs

The fragile state; Wet hair:

Wet hair is in a too weak state. They can easily break when we comb immediately after washing hair. First, dry your hair with a towel. After sometime when hair gets dry start combing.

Avoid fighting with hair:

Don’t be strict with hair when they get tangled. It will do more harm than relief to your hair.

When the comb gets stuck in the hair, remove it from the blockage point and start combing again. The use of violent combing is too damaging, even though if it took once a day. Hair needs proper combing, not violent combing.

It is good for hair to be combed gently not violently. Hair frizz and hair breakage from the middle are the results of violent combing.

Comb when your hair needs:

Your hair doesn’t need combing every second of the day. Those who used to comb hundred times a day are harming their hair.

Two to three times combing is enough for hair. Your fingers may also do the work of the comb. They smooth your hair as well as remove tangles and knots.

Dry hair:

Careful combing even hair is dry is good for hair growth. Someone finds it difficult to comb when hair is dry. Especially in cases, when hair are long, thick, and curly.

Straight hair should comb once in the morning and once in the evening. But combing should be reduced to per wash to get rid of hair problems in case of curly hair.

Right Direction:

Opposite direction combing: some people have had the habit of combing their hair in the opposite direction of the hair. Make sure to comb your hair in the right direction, because opposite combing will spoil your hair.

Hair has a specific direction. When you move the comb in the opposite direction, this action boosts the natural shape of your hair. This look makes you hate your hair.

Choice of comb:

You should choose a comb according to the nature of your hair. Not every type of comb suit your hair. Don’t press the comb because it can harm the scalp. A sharp tooth comb can cause baldness.

Mostly wood comb is good for combing. Fine tooth comb, middle tooth comb, and dual-sided comb are good practices for combing. It is difficult to comb while the tooth of the comb gets dirty. First, wash the comb to remove dirt particles.

Hair Comb From Top to Bottom

Have your comb:

A personal comb will save you from fungal and dandruff infections. These are major hair destroyers that pass through comb from one person to another. Also, use a separate comb for hair and beard.

What extra prevention do you need to adopt?  

Blood flow is regulated by combing it alternatively increases the oxygen need of the head that hair need for growth.

Hair beauty also depends upon the intake of nutritious food which includes vitamins and minerals. Regular massage of quality oil lubricates the dry pores of the scalp.

The oil passing through pores is also beneficial for the brain. That’s why massage has dual benefits.

It has been experimented that stress is the major cause of hair fall. Regular massage and yoga can lessen the stress.

Keep your body hydrated because water is the essential element of body mass as well as hair growth. Too hot and cold water should be avoided for washing hair. Hot water is harmful because it let the pores be open. Dirt clings in these pores affecting hair growth.

Coldwater damaged hair cuticles. If your hair continues falling you should meet the doctor at first ease. At times we don’t know the reason for hair fall. It may be because of some hormonal imbalance or some disease. See your doctor in such situations. Your consultant can give you the right suggestion.

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