Secret Ways to Walk Gracefully in Heels

Walking in heels is the ideal addition to the girl’s outfit- that helps to look slimmer, straighten up to be taller, and make them feel more confident. Although walking in high heels can be problematic if you’re not used to it. You don’t need to worry about it anymore because we’ve compiled some easy tricks & tips that can help you to walk fearlessly in heels.

1. Don’t Rush & Take Small Steps

Someone rightly said, “More you hurry, more obstacles you’re going to face”. Slow down, don’t rush, and take small steps to maintain your stride. If you try to rush then either you’re going to bend over heels or you’re going to fall. So, don’t take longer steps with heels while walking, and always take dainty and smaller steps to make your walk more comfortable and natural.

2. Go for Right Shoe Size

If you’re balancing your stride by taking smaller steps and walking in heels slowly but the pair of shoes is not well fitted to your feet then it will be a total waste. The ill-fitting shoe will make it impossible for you to walk comfortably. So, always go for the high-heel shoe that completely fits on you or you can use heel grips to prevent slipping issues to secure your walk. The thicker the heels, the easier it’d be to walk in heels.

3. Imagine Walking in a Straight Line

You may have seen catwalk models walking in high heels confidently. How they maintain such a straight gait? The only best way to balance your walk is by visualizing that you’re walking on an imaginary straight line or some tight rope. Your one step should come down directly in the line to the second step while your toes pointing in a straight line. This will need some practice but over time, you’ll be astonished by the results.

4. Focus on Posture

If you’re not maintaining your posture rightly then high heels can shift your center of gravity. For its compensation, your lower back arches by disrupting your smooth walk. Straight up your head, don’t look down while walking in heels. Relax your arms, shoulders and move them slightly to keep balance. Bend your knees a bit to avoid locked knees and point your toes directly straight ahead.

5. Don’t wear new shoes without Breaking them in

Breaking into your new heels is important to remove stiffness and to mold it according to the shape of your feet. This can be done by moving in those shoes around at home. Otherwise, you can also break in by wearing them on wooden floors, slippery areas, and different other places. But don’t forget to walk carefully while walking in heels upstairs. Firmly place the ball of your foot on the floor or hold the railing if necessary.

6. Practice it & Walk Confidently

The more confident you’re the more straight your walk is going to be. This can be achieved only by practicing. Practice at home to stand straight in heels and don’t put weight on both toes together, when one toe gets tired shift the weight to the other. By practice, you can walk on any indoor & outdoor surface. The most important secret to walking smoothly and confidently in heels is homework. You need to do more & more homework to improve your gait.

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