Must-Have Seasonings to Add Flavors in Your Food

Life revolves around flavors in food for foodies. Many of us are so amorous of eating that they live for zests and food. They fall in love with flavors. They are in an effort to taste something new and new. Their instinct demand to make diverse tryouts to create innovative dishes.

Seasonings play a vital role in enhancing taste and adding more flavors to food. There are certain spices that every kitchen process in its pantry. There is a complete list below for seasoning that makes your meal simply delicious with very little effort:

Essential Spices:

Following are the integral spices that every kitchen must have:

Table salt:

Salt is one of the oldest and most omnipresent food seasoning that is not only the essential of life but is also an important mean for the preservation of food. It is present in numerous forms out of them black and pink flavors are common after the white one.

Red chili powder and flakes:

Chili powder is dried forms of red chili, powder, and crushed respectively. It is used to add spicy flavor culinary dishes. Kashmiri chili powder is a famous variety of red chili that is mild in flavor and mostly used in Indian cuisine.

Black peppercorns:

Black pepper is a Piperaceae family’s flowering vine cultivated for its fruit. Fruit is further dried to obtain black pepper which is used as a spice and seasoning in our kitchens.


Paprika is a ground spice that is obtained from a relatively sweeter variety of red chili- Capsicum annuum. Its flavor ranges from sweet to hot but most commonly sweeter variety is used.


Cinnamon is most widely used as an aromatic condiment as an additional flavor in numerous cuisines. It is obtained from the inner bark od tree of genus Cinnamomum. It is also grown as spice commercially.


Cloves are aromatic flower buds that are used as spice. These are used in cuisines and hot beverages to add aroma and flavor.


Dried cumin seeds, both in whole and powder form are used in cuisines of many cultures. It is widely used in various spice mixtures and foods like pickle due to its earthly, warming and aromatic taste.

Curry powder:

It is a mixture of ginger, garlic and turmeric that has been originated from the Indus valley civilization more precisely in the Indian subcontinent to add flavor in routine foods.

Garlic powder/granules:

Garlic has been used as food flavoring as well as a medicine traditionally due to its numerous benefits. It is used worldwide for its pungent taste as a seasoning and metabolism booster.

Ginger powder:

Ginger powder is widely used in foods to add aroma and flavor due to its strong aromatic and pungent taste properties. It improves metabolism. Hence, is used in salads and food garnishing too.


Turmeric-the main spice of curry is most common Asian food spice that is obtained from Turmeric plant. It has warm bitter taste and is used to flavor food. Due to it medicinal properties, its root is also used in medicine.

Mustard seeds:

Mustard seeds that are of three colors; black, brown and white/yellow are used as spice in many regional foods. A yellow condiment known as Prepared Mustard is produced by adding water or vinegar to grind dry mustard seeds and is a common seasoning.


Cardamom is a spice that is produced from several plants that are native to the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. It gives an aromatic flavor and is widely used in deserts along with the other dishes as a spice. It is also used in medicine.


Herbs also hold an integral place in common household seasonings. Main herbs that every kitchen have are:


Basil is a culinary herb that is used in cuisines worldwide. It leaves may taste like anise with its strong, pungent and sweet smell. It is generally used fresh in recipes.


Parsley is a flowering herb that is mainly used in garnishing for numerous foods worldwide. It is mixed with other vegetables in salads too. They add aromatic flavors to food and are also used in sauces too.


Thyme is aromatic, the perennial evergreen herb used in culinary as well as garnishing foods. It also possesses medicinal properties too.  

Bay leaves:

Bay leaf is used in dried or ground form while cooking to add aroma in food. It has its origin from Indian subcontinent as a spice due to its sharp smell and bitter taste.


Oregano is a culinary herb that is used in dried form. It is used for the flavors of its leaves. They are widely used in cuisines and flavoring meat especially mutton and lamb. The condiment is used with paprika to add spice.


Dill is an annual herb of Apiaceae family that perform a dual function; a spice and an herb. Its leaves and seeds are used as seasoning whether as spice or as an herb.


Condiments are spices, sauces or additional food preparations that impart different flavors to food. The must have condiments are:


Ketchup either organic or synthetic is a handy condiment to add in food. It is most commonly called tomato ketchup due to its basic ingredient- tomato. It also imparts a salty taste with tomato and be added in any recipe.


Mayonnaise is a thick cold sauce that also forms the base for many other sauces. It is used in sandwiches, burgers and salads mainly and is loved by everyone due to its creamy taste.

Soya sauce:

Soya sauce is a liquid condiment that is made by soya beans through fermentation. It mainly gives a strong umami flavor. It is used directly in foods and also as dipping.

Hot sauce:

Hot sauce highlights chili peppers of all types. It is mainly used as a red chili sauce or with flavors like that of chili garlic sauce to add a strong spicy flavor in recipes.

There were some important seasonings that every kitchen must have in order to provide a tasty food.

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