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Are you fed up with putting on tons of makeup to hide your dark circles? You want to slay among your friends, but all curses to the acne. You’ve tried all skincare products but in vain. Well, keep your heart up and bid farewell to all the insecurities. Dr. Niketa Sonavane, an award-winning celebrity dermatologist, suggests skin polishing is the most effective for dry and dull skin. Hence, this process is a blessing in disguise for anyone that lost hope to get fresh, glowing skin. So, let’s know what it is and how you can get the best of it.  

What is Skin Polishing?

It is the technical method for removing dead skin cells. The process uses specific machines, and it may also occur via jet peel. The instrument used for the method involves a diamond breeder or crystal that vacuums the dead layers of skin. The technique would not affect your active tissues.  

What Makes Your Skin Dull?

Human Skin is an exfoliating organ. It continuously evolves new dead layers and sheds them. In this way, new cells regrow that give you a fresh look. However, in growing ages between 25-35, the skin slows down the removal of dead cells. It causes rough spots and scales over your body and face.

Types of Skin Polishing Treatment

There are three major types of this treatment; however, home remedies are also efficient in some cases. These treatments occur in session, for instance, once a month.

1. Diamond Skin Polishing 

In this procedure, the collagen gets thicker, removing worn-out layers of skin. Collagen is the protein that is responsible for developing skin tissues and maintaining elasticity. According to the American Society of Plastic surgeons, collagen is higher in children than adults. Therefore, it causes aging and wrinkles on your face.

This technique is also known as microdermabrasion. It is performed using tools and takes 30-40 minutes for facial while 20 minutes for neck polishing. After treatment, the practitioner hydrates the skin with a bit of moisturizer. At times, it also causes swelling, but there is no hazard in it. 

2. Dermabrasion 

This treatment is best for acne scars, pigmented discoloration, and telangiectasias (abnormal blood vessels). In this process, the dermatologist freezes or anesthetized the skin via an electric power instrument. It removes the upper layer called the epidermis and parts of the lower layer known as the dermis. Within 5-10 days, the growth of a new cell takes place. However, after-care treatment involves the use of antibiotics and antiviral medications.

3. Glycolic Acid Peeling 

In this method, the layer of dead skin detaches off like a banana and potato peel. Peeling consists of two types Soft and hard. In soft peel, 10-15 percent glycolic acid removes unwanted cells. However, hard peel requires 70-80 percent glycolic acid that can be hazardous. Salicylic, carbolic, and lactic acid are also good alternatives. An excessive amount of acid can damage all the layers of the skin. Hence, it’s a tricky process, and a slight mistake can put you in trouble. Nevertheless, this process is the most effective remedy for face pigmentation. 

Pros and Cons of Polishing the Skin

Here are some advantages and drawbacks of the treatment.


  • The cure promotes new cell growth.
  • It cleanses your face, removing oil and dirt. 
  • Replaces dry skin with moisturized and hydrated texture. 
  • It unclogs the process that causes deep penetration of oil and lotion into your face. Hence, it gives a soft and smooth appearance.
  • According to a research, patient with acne have a greater risk for anxiety and depression. Consequently, the treatment can give you more confidence in yourself and enhances your mental health. 
  • You won’t need to spend huge money on buying expensive makeup kits. You’ll glam naturally with little grooming. 
  • The process has no downtime. You can take it any time after seeking doctors’ advice. 
  • The cost is 1500-3000 per session that’s quite economical. 
  • It makes your appearance younger and decelerates aging.
  • It improves blood flow and exchange of oxygen that keep your skin healthy and fresh. 


  • Since the treatment requires instruments, they can cause reactions if not handled properly. 
  • Exposure to sunlight is harmful following the treatment.   
  • Deep peels can remove melanocytes that result in hyperpigmentation.
  • Extreme care is required before, after, and during the therapy.  
  • You need to consult an expert dermatologist who knows your skin texture and tone for a safe process. 

Polish Your Skin at Home

Some people are more inclined to home remedies than mechanical treatment. If you are one of them, you should know about your skin texture, tone, and color. Afterward, choose the suitable polishing kit accordingly.  Here are few best ways you can try.

Rich Flour Polish

You can make this scrub in simple steps. Just take one tablespoon of rice, flour, and honey and mix them well. Apply the mixture on your face gently and shine brighter.

Sugar and Honey Scrub 

This type of scrub contains glycolic acid that cleanses and strengthens skin cells. For preparing this scrub, take 1tsp sugar, honey, and blend it. Make sure you take tiny sugar crystals to keep the mixture soft and smooth. Then, apply it to your face in circular movements. 

Orange Peel Polish

Blend orange peel powder with milk and massage it on your face. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wash.

What’s the Difference between Facial and Skin Polish?

Some people confuse these terms as the same things. However, there’s a slight yet significant difference. 

In the facial, dead skin is removed from the outer surface. While in polish, the dead cells removed from deeper coverings and healthy cell replaces them.

Are You the Perfect Candidate for Skin Polishing treatment?

You are probably curious enough to get your skin back healthy in the blink of an eye. Thus, you are the perfect candidate for the polish 

  • If you want to look attractive and young.
  • You wish to give yourself a gleaming acne-free look like a magazine model.
  • Seek for natural ways to become pretty instead of manufactured products.
  • You desire to avoid expensive surgeries.
  • Your physical health is good. 
  • You are the person who had no adverse reaction to such treatments in the past.


Every skin product and treatment may not be fit for you. If you face acne, scar, and dark spots, don’t waste your time and money on experiments. Human Skin is susceptible. Thus, don’t follow any blind advice of your friends or unreliable traditional methods. Seek your dermatologist’s advice and transform your facial look with advanced skin polishing methods.

Is Skin Polishing Good for You?
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Is Skin Polishing Good for You?
The article explains the advanced methods of polishing your skin and what are their pros and cons. It is brief guide for the people who want healthy and glowing skin.
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