How to Use WhatsApp Cart to Place Orders on Android & iOS Smartphones

Whatsapp is considered the most used app in the world for messaging, voice & video calls. Its privacy features make it one of the secure apps for the users of both Android & iOS cellphones. During the last few years Whatsapp is adding new features to keep it popular among its users. One of the latest features they’ve provided is the ‘Cart’ feature.

Before talking about this option we have to keep this in mind that Whatsapp is not just for texting but there’s business app available too for small organizations or business owners that is as widely used as basic app. So by using Whatsapp business number you can use this Cart feature to place order directly. There are few easy steps to use this feature.

  1. Open the Whatsapp app on your phone.
  2. Go to the business contract from where you want to place the order.
  3. You can find the product list option from the contacts. For this you need to go to the Cart option that would be available in the business lane.
  4. From the list of Products page, select your desired item.
  5. After selecting the item you’ll find two options. One of them will be ‘Add to Cart’.
  6. Now select the ‘Add to Cart’ option. You can edit this by ‘Add more’ option and select more products in the cart.
  7. In the end you have to send the Cart as message to the business contact to complete the process of placing an order via Whatsapp.

By simply following above mentioned steps anyone can buy their favorite products by using Whatsapp and avoiding the hassle of making accounts on eCommerce sites through the complicated sign-up processes.

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