How to Reopen Closed Tab (An Easy Trick)

It happens with us most of the time that we How To Reopen Closed Tab that was open in Google Chrome for a long time. So it happens because we were reading or watching something but we lost our attention for few moments or someone came in our room and we closed it unintentionally or because of fear that someone else can watch what you’re watching. So now I’m going to tell you an easy trick by which you can re-open that tab and continue your reading or whatever you were watching before.

You just need to press these keys to re-open the closed tab you’ve closed recently more click

Just click (Control + Shift + T)

so if you’re a Mac user then press (Command + Shift + T) and watch that closed tab appear again.

The same keyboard shortcut we talked about in Chrome above works in Safari.

Simply press Command + Shift + T (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + T (Windows) to How To Reopen Closed Tab. so remember that you can do this a few times to keep getting tabs closed. which you closed them (at least recently).

Again, if you prefer to use the mouse and menu bar, here’s how it works in Safari:

In the menu bar at the top of your screen. (where there are options like “Safari, File, Edit, View, History”, etc.), Select “History”:

If you want to see your entire browser history, just click that first option. Under the “History” menu (which says “Show all history”, see the image above) and your entire history will appear:

If you are a Firefox user, the process is quite similar to the one we discussed above.

You must also be thinking how your life was before knowing this simple and easy trick. Keep reading our Tips & Tricks to learn more hacks like that in the future.

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