Hospital Bag Checklist for First Time Moms

To be called a first-time mom isn’t easy. Nothing in this world can match mom’s perfect place and all of her sacrifices made from day one of her pregnancy. This hustle creates a different kind of pressure, overloads with thinking, browsing websites, looking into online and offline shops to get everything done for you and your baby at the right place and at the right time. Hospital Bag Checklist for First Time Moms is essential.

Because no one knows when is that particular high time coming. Life goes on while giving you highs and lows, ups and downs. You keep moving and believing in Almighty. Being A FIRST TIME MOM, you want all this hustle to vanish in a blink and all sorted as soon as possible. It is thoughtful work to do, and one can miss important things without a checklist made in your notepad. Hospital Bag requires a Checklist for First Time Mommy!

Hospital Bag Checklist for First Time Moms:

Here is the most accessible guide with my experience-based knowledge.

Basic Baby Hospital Bag

Mostly FIRST TIME MOMS used to get worried about the proper time to pack their hospital bag. That’s quite normal.

You can start buying stuff all along with your pregnancy and particularly in the third trimester. Packing your hospital bag as entering the last month of pregnancy is more favorable.

Here is the quick list to grab for your baby while making their hospital bag.

  • Basic Baby Clothing
  • Breast Pump, or Feeder, or Nursing Pillow
  • Baby Blanket
  • Mitten and Baby Socks
  • Wipes and Diapers
  • Nexton Powder and Sudocrem Cream
  • Burp Cloths
  • Colic Drops

Sleeping Swaddles

Babies look so adorable in baby swaddles. At least three sleeping swaddles should be packed with you in the baby bag in case if your stay in the hospital is prolonged. These swaddles are best to keep the baby packed and are easy to carry. They will help you to have the best hospital photoshoot of the baby while swaddling them.

Basic Baby Clothing

If you don’t feel them swaddling, then you need a lovely dress for the baby’s first photoshoot. Make sure to capture the world’s best sight of two feet and two little hands. You need another dress for the time when the baby is coming back from the hospital. Keep extra pair of clothes to be safe. More extra pairs of dresses like onesies and rompers give your baby new looks, mainly if your stay in the hospital is after the C section.

Baby Blanket

Summers or winters babies need a blanket to help adjust their body temperature to the new world. New babies got super sensitive skin and bodies. It’s good to cover them nicely. Keep a good color coordination blanket for your baby again. This new generation is so possessive about first pictures everywhere.

Breast Pump, or Feeder, or Nursing Pillow

It depends upon you the way you choose to feed your baby. The best way is mother feed clearly, but still, you need two feeding bottle sets and a breast pump for the easy availability of feed for the baby. A nursing pillow for new moms is a must-have to survive with the continued pain in stitches.

Wipes and Diapers

You already know why we have these two on the list! New Mommy! Wipes can also help you wipe off all the anxiety, stress, and sorrow from your face to chin-up while gathering love and positive vibes from all around.

Burp Cloths are also an essential part of the baby bag. You can keep them as much as you want because babies create a lot of mess.

Colic relief drops help colic babies. It helps to reveal the colic pain. These should be on the list of BABY ESSENTIALS keeping them until your baby is three years old.

Anti-rash powder and creams are essentials to protect the baby from bum rashes. This cream plays a dual role and helps Mommy’s feet and heels to heal.

Mitten and Baby Socks are also a mandatory part of the baby hospital bag.

While, Mommy dear needs a water bottle, nuts to crack on, a lot of courage, love, peace, and happiness to take a flight towards the bumpiest road of life.

Pillow, Blanket Cover, Head Cover

After a reality-based nightmare, FIRST TIME, MOM wants to take a resting pillow and the blanket cover. Both are good to make them feel at home in the hospital.

Vanity, Overall and shoes

Slippers or flip flops help to walk easily. You can keep your hairbrush, toothbrush, and toothpaste, deodorant, conditioner along with your vanity bag so that you don’t forget it. Keep at least three easy-to-wear clothes, vaseline, rosewater, mirror, lipstick, hair ties, face wash, or any particular favorite cosmetic product to feel more helpful at the hospital.

Vitamins and required medicines

Don’t forget to keep your medicines and vitamins in your easy access. And never miss any doses from them.

Postpartum essentials

Frida mom is a reasonable option for postpartum essentials that include everything in one go. A new mom needs pads, underwears three to four, Piodiyne, healing gel, medicines, nursing pads to be safe at the hospital.

Last-minute hospital bag items review:

Phones and chargers, Wallets,

Car keys with extra pair of house keys,

Glasses, Contact lenses, their cases,

Also, don’t overlook taking your hospital card, your baby’s file and documents needed for the hospital, and your Identity card, debit cards. It all seems to be easy once when you jump into packing things. It’s a distressing one.

Above all, as I have said this before, FIRST TIME MOM needs a dose of love, affection, courage, and superpower to be a Super Mom. Forget the pain, forget the stress, lose your body, feel light, close your eyes, breath in, breath out. I AM GOING TO BE A SUPERMOM. I AM A SUPERMOM. Calm down, relax. Inhale love and Exhale love.

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