Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

Isn’t it cool to have some knowledge about the fashion that is ecological? Obviously you’ll go with yes! This article is all about the eco-friendly fashion and of course the best eco-friendly fashion brands. These brands not only provide good quality but also environmental favorable products.

Before delineating these brands extensively, a petite introduction is described as follows:

What is Eco-Friendly Fashion?

Eco-Friendly is a term that is given to the products and production methods with very little or no harm to the environment. With the enhancing awareness on the environmental pollution, the leading heads are united to adopt practices that reduce the environmental harms. Because the traditional practices are leading towards the pollution and global warming that ultimately increase the temperature of planet Earth.

One example is the current temperature of Canada that has been recorded as the highest temperature so far in the month of July from the last twenty years. And only the textile industry produces 11% of the total pollution. So, it’s important to amend and transform their practices to favor environment. Many notable fashion brands came forward in this initiative and have adopted the green measures.

Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands:

Here is a list for the best eco-friendly fashion brands along with their key attributes:

1. Organic Basics:

Aarhus, Denmark based brand Organic Basics is performing eco-friendly practices such as the use of organic cotton and recycled fabrics and 100% eco-certified production. They use renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy. Their product range lies among the categories of adult apparel, loungewear, undergarments and other accessories. Organic Basics provides back to proletarian organizations and activists that are fighting for the environmental righteousness and biodiversity.

2. Boden:

Boden is UK, London based fashion store renowned for its green practices. It’s practices include the use of sustainable cotton, the eco-friendly packaging with a transparent supply chain. Adult & children’s apparel, swimwear, loungewear and sleepwear are the major products provided by the company. Due to its immense range, it can be a handy place to shop for the entire family.

3. Outerknown:

Outerknown is Culver CA based brand with multiple branches. It has invented eco-friendly provisions to make more sustainable apparel. They use an inorganic compound econly that is produced by transforming fishnets into nylon fabric. Jackets, watchbands, and flip-flops are their major products. The brand also produces Ocean-work buttons made from retrieved plastic waste washed up on beaches all over the world.

4. Pact:

Pact is based in Boulder, CO. The brand’s eco-friendly practices include the use of organic cotton with up to 95% less water than customary cotton, avoiding the use of chemicals, and fabricating softer products than the alternatives. The product range include adult and children’s apparel, basics and underwear manufactured to give comfort.

5. Kotn:

Kotn is a Canadian company with a slogan of Quality over Quantity. They use Egyptian cotton to provide fine quality. Their green measures also include a transparent supply chain along with the principle of slowing fashion to create sustainability. The product range is divided into three categories; men, women and home.

6. Christy Dawn:

Christy Dawn is a Los Angles based company. It is a DTC company that uses the organic cotton and deadstock stuffs to design its outfits in corporation with seamstresses. It provides a complete range of apparels; from adult to children along with lounge wears and foot wears. 

7. Vetta:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Vetta provides a complete product range of women’s apparel, capsule wardrobes, loungewear’s and work-wear. From its wrap dresses to its reversible miniskirts, Vetta makes use of natural and pima cottons, herbal linen, tencel, deadstock fabric, recycled polyester, and greater for a flattering fit, whenever.

8. People Tree:

London, UK based company, People Tree provides a fine range of women’s apparel, activewear, underwear and other essentials. People Tree’s apparels assure fair trade. It is eco-friendly, natural, and colored with authorized dyes. The brand even prints its labels on FSC-certified paper.

9. Thought Clothing:

Thought Clothing is a London based company with its product range of adult apparel, sleepwear, loungewear, socks, and other accessories. The company’s eco-friendly measures include the use of sustainable and organic materials along with the eco-friendly responsible production, recyclable packaging and transparent supply chain.

10. Two Days Off:

It is based in Los Angeles, CA. Two Days Off provides a complete product range of women’s apparel and other accessories along with home and body goods. Its eco-friendly measures include the use of carbon-neutral, natural and deadstock fibers. They provide a transparent delivery that is made in small batches with plastic-free shipping.

11. tentree:

Vancouver, Canada based tentree company provides a complete product range of adult & children’s apparel, loungewear, activewear and other accessories. The company’s green measures include the use of certified B Corp and sustainable fabrics with responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. A significant green measures of tentree is that it plants ten trees for every article purchased. The company has set forth a target to plant 1bn trees till 2030.

12. ADAY:

New York, United States, based ADAY is known for its athletic attire. They also provide all sorts of men and women attires and accessories. ADAY’s environmental friendly measures include its commitment to use responsible source materials such as recycled scuba for manufacturing apparels.

13. United by Blue:

United by Blue is based in Philadelphia, PA. It offers a complete range of adult apparel, and accessories along with the on-the-go goods. Certified B Corp, zero-plastic dogma, the use of sustainable and recyclable materials along with the removal of plastic wastes from the oceans are some notable green measures of United by Blue.

14. Soluna Collective:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the company provides a complete range of women’s apparel and accessories along with the home and body goods. Use of sustainable organic materials and eco-friendly dyes that are artisan and ethically made are notable environmental friendly measures of Soluna Collective.

15. Back Beat Co.:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the Back Beat Co. is famous for its cool casual comfortable outfits. A complete range of adult apparel, activewear, loungewear, underwear and other accessories is available on their stores. The use of low-impact fabrics with sustainable and renewable fibers along with the recycled packaging are some green measures by the company.

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