How to Maintain Health Triangle

The health triangle incorporates social, physical, and mental well-being. The key to wellness is in balancing this triangle and the harmony in it is unavoidable. Most of us are well aware of mental and physical health, but some of us are not aware of social wellness. In early life, we are always heard maintaining physical health, either by exercise or nutrition because these were the top priorities. With time, we realized the role of mental health for the peace of life. But now there arises they need to take a look at our social life also to complete and maintain the health triangle.

What is Physical Health?

Physical health is a state of wellness and the ability of your body to perform all functions in a normal way. 

It is a combination of a nutritional diet, physical exercise, and enough sleep to charge your body for work. Hygiene is an important aspect of good physical health.

What is Health Triangle

Mental health includes your feelings, emotions, and thoughts to cope with anxiety, stress, and anger to make your life as normal as it can be. A positive attitude towards different things can help a lot in maintaining mental health.

If you’re aware of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll have a better approach to behave well as an individual. The more mental wellness you’ve, the more skills you’ll develop and these skills will build your self-esteem and self-confidence.

What is kinds Health Triangle?

Health Triangle involves the ability of a person to interact and build satisfying relationships with other people to adapt more comfortably in society.

This relationship could be with your family, friends, colleagues, and peers to elaborate on how good your communication skills are, taking care of your loved ones, and supporting them.

What disturbs your Health Triangle?

There are lots of determinants of the health triangle. Some of them are in our control while some out of control the genetically inherited behaviors.

Differences and inequalities are the important determinants of health while environment, attitude, beliefs, technology, and social interaction also play a positive and negative role in balancing or disturbing this health triangle.

How to maintain Physical Health?

Many factors can influence your physical health but still, you can maintain it in lots of ways. Some of them are described below:

Nutrition- Taking a healthy diet helps to get energy for work and boosts the immune system.

Staying Hydrated- Keeps you calm, helps in regulating body temperature, and removes toxins from the body. 

Exercise- Enhances your physical activity to make you a more active individual.

Bathing- Prevents germs attack on your body, and maintains proper hygiene.

Brushing Teeth- Preserves oral hygiene and dental health.

Proper Sleep- 8hours of sleep is enough to keep you energetic to work the next day.

Skincare- Protects you from skin diseases like skin cancer, melanoma, and aging.

How to maintain Mental Health?

Depression and stress are worst for your mental health.The rating mental health is vital for your overall health and this can be done in the following ways:

Develop Resilience to build self-esteem & self-confidence and always prioritize your connections.

Build a Positive Attitude by practicing mindfulness and staying calm in every situation.

Take care of yourself by regulating your mood and emotions. Properly tackle stressful & challenging situations.

Adopt Hobbies that can give happiness and enhance your creative activity.

How to maintain Social Health?

Our social interactions can largely impact social health. its strong relationships will be always strengthening of your willpower & self-esteem while negative people can destructively spoil your peace. Here are some ways to strengthen your social wellness and health:

Build Positive Support Network- Supportive and loving people around you can recharge your social health in many folds.

Joining Socializing Events- can boost your confidence and make your bonding strong with friends and family.

Volunteering- builds a connection with the community and brings new horizons by creating better opportunities.

It’s the right time to take initiative steps in maintaining your health triangle. If you’ll be good at this, you’ll be able to help all the emotionally stressed people out there.

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