An Easy Trick to Avoid Ads on YouTube

YouTube is the most watched app in the world. Most of us spend a lot of time to watch video of entertaining channels or live streams of our favorite Youtubers or celebrities. YouTube has a lot of features we can enjoy but few annoying things too. For example many people get annoyed when ads popup in the middle of the video when we’re watching a thriller or informative video. Even though these ads get just 5 seconds or may be less but still we don’t like to watch it during the video.

I’m going to share an easy trick to avoid these unwanted ads. You just need to try this once. So if you want to watch a video without ads or recommendations during the video you have to edit the link of the video.

When you open the video you have add the word “­_popup” in the link of video after the word “watch”. It’ll remove the ads promptly. With this easy hack you can avoid all the unnecessary ads and watch your favorite videos without any disturbance. If you want more tricks and hacks like that please let us know in the comments section.

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