5 Proven Tips to Sleep-Well at Night

A good night’s sleep is necessary for your health, stability, and wellness. Restless nights and busy mornings can badly affect your physical & mental health. If you’ve Insomnia, don’t go for sleeping pills. Try these medically proven tips to sleep well at night without any disturbance.

1. Lessen Irregular Day-Time Naps

Shorter naps during the daytime can be beneficial for your overall activity but stop letting these naps get longer because they can negatively affect your internal clock and ultimately you’d struggle to sleep at night.

2Optimize the Environment of your Bedroom

Make the environment of your bedroom comfortable by choosing a cozy bed, pillow, and mattress. Turn off your all electronic gadgets like TV, cell phone, or laptop. Try to minimize lights, external noises and optimize the temperature of your bedroom as per need.

3Exercise daily

Proper exercise on daily basis but not before going to bed can be a plus point to sleep well at night. Studies have revealed that exercise has helped people with severe insomnia.

4Eat & Drink Wisely before sleep

Too much liquid, heavy food, alcohol, and caffeine can completely spoil your good night’s sleep. So, avoid taking these things before going to bed.

5Don’t Overthink

Stressing at night activates our fight or flight hormones, that’s the reason we can’t sleep at night. So, you’ve got to say ‘Don’t over-think’ for at least 120 seconds. This magic trick will help you to sleep faster than usual.

Sleeping less than 7-8 hours at night can increase the risk of several disorders. So, it’s highly recommended to take care of your healthy sleep and follow some of these tips to sleep better.

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