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Author: Sheraz Hayder

11 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Azerbaijan

In 2020 when everything stopped during lockdown I was one of those people who knew they won’t be able to travel in this year. People who visit different places every year they can’t just sit at home and wait. It’s like an addiction but in a good sense. Traveling makes them feel fresh when they see different people from different countries & places, they experience a different kind of energy inside when they watch different faces of nature. Flowing rivers, green meadows, golden deserts, dark forests & the noise of sea waves push them to explore this world as much as they can. So when I was stuck at home I had nothing to do but to miss being on vacation in 2019 in one of the beautiful countries along the Silk Road, Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, the land of fire is surrounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, straddling both Western Asia & Eastern Europe. Here you will find the beautiful combination of meeting east to west and you’ll like it. You can spend the moonlit windy nights along the beaches of Caspian Sea or you can join a trip to the flaming mountains, it’s up to you. From the mystical lakes to ancient towns Azerbaijan has a lot to offer you. Here are few of the most stunning and delightful places, you must visit if you’re in Azerbaijan.

1. Baku

Baku, the largest & capital city of Azerbaijan, situated along the Caspian Sea, is somewhat the mixture of both modern and old infrastructure. You can enjoy the sightings of skyscrapers especially flame towers and you can unfold the pages of history at the ancient sites of Icheri Seher, also known as Old City. Baku has more than 15 places where you can get to know the history & culture of the home place of more than 2 million residents. If you are a food lover then this city is an ideal place to taste variety of cuisines including Dolma, Kebabs (prepared with lamb & beef mostly) and especially traditional Plov (most famous Azeri food). So Baku has a lot to offer you, you just need to be there.

2. Absheron National Park

In the Azizbeyov region, Absheron National Park lies around 38 Miles (60 Km) from the Baku City. With an area of more than 780 hectares it is an ideal place to see different colors of nature. It’s the home to more than 50 species of wildlife including gazelles, jackals, badgers, Caspian seals and different kinds of birds. Other than animals you can have the splendid view of the unpopulated and crystal-clear water of Caspian Sea while sitting on the sand dunes.

3. Gobustan Mud Volcano

The land of Mud volcanoes, Gobustan is one of the best destinations to visit in Azerbaijan. It’s the capital of mud volcanoes, containing almost 400 mud volcanoes, most in any country in the world. According to the geologists, the first mud volcano erupted around 25 Million years ago. If you’re in Baku then it is just one hour’s drive away (around 70 km) from the city. If you want to see the surface of moon on earth then you should definitely visit this place.

4. Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscapes

Don’t get confuse with Gobustan Mud volcanoes, in fact this place is about 16 km away from it. Gobustan Rock Art is actually the rock cravings of ancient men, their rituals, their way of traveling, animals, and stars & suns (may be their gods). These drawings date back to 5000 to 20000 years ago.  There are the findings of ancient settlements & tombstones, goes back to the Stone Age. This place is a considered a home of one of the ancient civilizations in the human history.

5. Sheki

On the southern part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain region, Sheki is located around 250 km from the Baku. It is considered the oldest human settlement in this region. In the past it was the popular city for its finest silk & textiles along the Silk Road. In other tourist attractions you can find mosques, castles and Persian bathhouses of old times and the most important Sheki Khan’s Palace. Sheki is the place where you’d like to be lost for a day or two.

6. Quba

Quba is another breathtaking destination for the tourists in Azerbaijan. The city lies along the Kudyal River at an altitude of 600 meters above the sea level. Surrounded by bumpy mountains and magnificent green valleys, the city is an important cultural centre in Azerbaijan. With the population of around 40,000, the city is also the center of the carpet weaving industry.

7. Yanardag

Yanardag is the example, why Azerbaijan is called Land of Fire. Yanardag basically means Burning Mountain. When you visit Yanardag, you see fire which blazes continuously on a hillside due to the gas reserves under the surface. This place looks tremendous in the night when you can experience it properly. It looks miraculous and there you’ll know how Zoroastrianism started from this land.

8. Ateshgah

Ateshgah means place of fire. In the ancient times as I mentioned earlier, this natural process of burning mountains were considered holy & divine. People started to consider it a miracle of great powers and started to worship it. This led to the construction of fire temples in that area. Ateshgah or Fire Temple is at one of those sites. Atesh is Persian word means fire. This place will bring you back in the ancient times.

9. Astara

With the border of Iran along the Caspian Sea, a small but one of the beautiful cities in Azerbaijan, is known as Astara. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains & forests on the one side while Caspian Sea on the other. With the population of just 16000, the city has cafes, restaurants, a railway station & a museum too. If you want to go to Baku by train don’t forget to eat from the café near Railway Station. You can hear the noise of waves & enjoy the sightings of Caspian Sea while sitting at that café run by an old but very kind lady.

10. Lake Goygol

Lake Goygol is another beautiful place on the list of best places in the Azerbaijan. Due to the earthquake in 1139, parts of surrounding mountains collapsed and stopped the flow of Kurakay River, resulted in the formation of this beautiful lake. Goygol Lake means Blue Lake. Around 1 hour distance from the nearest city Ganja through the mountains, it’s the most favorite destination of the tourists.

11. Batabat Lake

Lake Batabat is the gem of Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan. It’s located in the mountains of Shahbuz at an altitude of 2500 above sea level. This lake was formed as a result of receding glaciers in thousands of years. Lake Batabat is one of the popular place in Nakhchivan. The most interesting thing is that this lake has its own floating island made from peat & grass and it’s not attached to the bottom of the lake. It moves slowly, throughout the year. This place seems a fantasy. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in my life.

Learn About New Tech Trends to Earn More in 2021

What is technology? It was a common question we’ve heard people asking in 90’s when few people were familiar with its concept. But with the start of 21st century we’ve experienced a revolutionary wave in the field of technology. Whether we talk about communication or distance, trade or sports, health or education, technology made everything ridiculously easy. Now as we have seen a huge boom on the graph of inventions & discoveries, everybody has one question in their minds. Do we expect to see more? Should we wait for new kind of technologies? What are the upcoming technologies? All of these questions have just a simple answer. Yes, indeed there will be more and advanced technology trends in the coming years.

Although we have seen almost everything stopped in 2020 but it’s not going to be like that forever. There’s vaccination process in progress everywhere and soon the world will be on its track with a greater pace than before. Today we’re going to explore the latest tech trends we have to see in this year or later. So after reading this article it’ll be easy for its audience to get the concept of these trends and mold their selves to learn & earn more in 2021.

1. 5G

In the last few years we have heard enough about 4G & 5G technologies. As we are using now 3G, 4G & 4G LTE technology in our smart devices but race to find more never ends here. Now the whole world is looking for 5G technology. 5G actually means 5th Generation of cellular networks. It is being said it will be the fastest wireless technology that ever created on the earth.  It’ll provide the internet speed of 10 GB/sec that is 100 times faster than the 4G we’re using now. According to the surveys of different network providers the expected users of 5G in 2025 will be 4.1 billion.

With the deployment of 5G the working pattern of the whole world will be entirely changed. It will pave the way for the technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), & Customer Data Platforms. 5G technology is expected to be launched in almost 30 countries by 50 service providers around the globe till the end of 2021.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is another technology, everyone is looking to. Within last decade we’re using AI technology on a small scale such as voice & face recognition, navigation apps, personal assistants in smart devices etc. and we are getting a lot better results than we expected.

Now the world is going towards more advanced application of Artificial Intelligence. It will be used to analyze customer behaviors to predict about the demands of the products & services and enabling companies to get maximum profit by meeting the requirements of the market. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the game changer in the coming years.

It is being said that AI market will grow & become the industry of almost $200 billion. With the demand in every sector it’ll create job opportunities for developers, programmers, and machine learning engineers. With the rising demand it’ll increase the salaries up to $200,000 per year – so the reader of this article gear themselves up for this top trending technology in the expected years.

3. E-Sports

In the last decade it was difficult to get the concept of E-sports or online gaming. E-sports basically refers to the online gaming tournaments or sports events. The worldwide lockdown during pandemic expanded the growth of gaming industry and market of E-sports. It is being expected that it will surpass $2 billion by 2024.

During pandemic every third online user subscribed to online gaming or took part in the online gaming tournaments. Games such as Fortnite, Apex legends & PUBG grabbed the attention of almost every user on the internet. PUBG users increased up to 70 million in just 2 years span.

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockhain is simply explained as the digital record of the transactions. It is the most secure form because it stores data on thousands of servers globally. That’s why it’s quite difficult for a person or an organization to take control of the data or manipulate it.

Blockchain Technology included cryptocurrencies are going to be the future of the world. Cryptocurrency’s market share is equivalent to almost $265 billion and it’s still growing. In the coming years its users are going to be around 50 million. Numerous industries around the world are trying to implement the blockchain technology that will ultimately increase the demand of its professionals. You can motivate yourself by just googling the income of a blockchain developer that is around $150,000 per year.

5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

There’s misconception among many considering Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation same. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is totally different than AI. RPA is basically an automation process technology. It helps to manage repetitive tasks such as interpreting, processing or dealing with data, sending mails to the clients or reports to the officials etc. It doesn’t only reduces the human effort but minimize the chance of error.

Although RPA is going to replace humans but it is going to create more jobs too. If you are an IT expert then this is your future. RPA will create a sudden need of skilled persons like programmers, RPA developers, digital workers, and analysts. In the coming years RPA will be among the few income generated professions and the day is not far when we’ll see robots having RPA as arms and AI as brains.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

As visible from the name Internet of Things is basically another technology connecting things such as devices or home appliances by internet. We see many of our personal or household items have internet connectivity and sensor technology such as cars, refrigerators, thermostats, fire alarms etc. Internet of Things is basically the future we’ve started to realize already.

Internet of Things is being used in our homes on a limited scale but in the business sector it’s yet to come. In the business our gains will be on higher scale using IoT. It will maximize the output in the areas like customer services, data processing, predicting about the trends of the markets, securing safety standards and many more we have not even thought about.

So if you want to control the things in the future and not for free then you need to have knowledge of all of these or even few of these skills like Machine Learning & AI, IP Networking, Information Security, Data Analysis, UI and UX Designing.

7. Cyber Security

You might be thinking, we already know about Cyber Security then why is it included in the list of latest technologies. Although we are familiar with it but we haven’t faced the threats we’re going to face in the near future. Now everything is connected to internet. From home appliances to war missiles, small ledgers of cafes to the giant databases of the government institutes. In order to secure all of it from the attacks of hackers and terrorist organizations we’ll have to be ten times more advanced than them.

Cyber Security is evolving in to a giant industry now. There are hundreds of companies providing services regarding data security on the internet. It’s not going to stop at any point.  With the growing demand of Cyber Security there’ll be more vacancies of Cyber Security professionals. According to Gartner, Inc. “The global market spending on Cyber Security will be around $170.4 Billion in 2022.”

So if you are already working in this filed, you need to update yourself with the latest knowledge and if you’re thinking to earn and secure your people & country from unknown threats in the future then this is the job you were looking for.

8. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the Cloud-based Technology that’s already on trend. In simple words cloud means internet. Cloud-based technology is in fact a facility to host a software or an application from any location that can be accessed easily by internet. Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are the big examples of it.

The usage of Cloud-based technology is growing rapidly. We can see many Cloud-based applications in the market. Almost every company is switching to Cloud-based technology due to its less cost and easily accessible from any location. Due to its popularity it is expected to grow to $832.1 billion by 2025. It’ll create thousands of opportunities for IT professionals in the near future.

These are few of the latest technology trends we’re going to experience in the coming years. If you’re already working in these fields then you know the importance of these technologies but if you’re thinking to switch your career then this is the right time to get on the boat. In order to learn and earn, choose wisely what you’re good at from theses above mentioned fields and make yourself updated with the latest skills & knowledge required to be productive.